Outdoor Waterproof LED Long Wall Light- Modern Dimmable Lighting


Enhance your outdoor space with our Waterproof LED Long Wall Lamp. Here's why this modern wall lamp is the perfect addition to your garden, villa, balcony, porch, and more:

Premium Materials: Crafted from 12mm thick 100% acrylic high-transparency material, this wall lamp is not only elegant but also built to last. Its high-temperature metal shell and high standard waterproof power supply ensure durability in various weather conditions.

Highlight LED Technology: The lamp is equipped with advanced highlight LED technology, providing efficient and brilliant illumination to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor area.

Versatile Light Source: Choose between warm white or white light options, and enjoy the flexibility of a dimmable feature to set the perfect mood.

Global Voltage Compatibility: With a voltage range of AC85-265V, 110V, and 220V, this wall lamp is globally compatible, making it a convenient and practical lighting solution.

Energy-Efficient: This wall lamp offers an impressive luminous efficacy of 100lm/W, ensuring that it provides ample light while conserving energy.

Long-Lasting Performance: Enjoy a worry-free lighting solution with a substantial warranty period of 5 years and an incredible lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Waterproof and Safe: Rated IP65, this wall lamp is fully waterproof and operates at a safe voltage, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Various Size Options: Choose the ideal size for your space, with options ranging from 30cm (9W) to 240cm (70W) to accommodate various outdoor lighting needs.

Elevate your outdoor lighting with our Waterproof LED Long Wall Lamp. Its modern design, premium materials, and versatile lighting options make it the perfect choice for enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living spaces. Upgrade your outdoor lighting today!