Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Holder - Hairdryer Organizer Storage Box


**Upgrade Your Hair Care Routine with Our Hair Dryer Holder Wall Dryer Cradle Straightener Stand**

Tired of cluttered countertops and tangled cords? Our Hair Dryer Holder is the perfect solution for a neat and organized space. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, this holder is designed to withstand daily use and add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom or toilet.

**Key Features:**

**1. Durable Construction:** Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, our holder ensures durability and longevity. It's resistant to damage and designed to withstand the test of time, making it a reliable companion for your hair care tools.

**2. Soft Silicone Pad:** The holder features a soft silicone pad to cradle your hair dryer gently. This pad protects your hair dryer from scratches and dings, ensuring it stays in top-notch condition.

**3. Plug Storage:** Keep your space organized with the convenient plug storage feature. Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to a clutter-free countertop.

**4. Traceless Glue Installation:** No need to drill holes in your walls. Our holder comes with traceless glue for easy and secure installation. Enjoy a hassle-free setup that won't damage your walls.

**5. Strong Load-Bearing:** The holder boasts strong load-bearing capacity, providing a secure spot for your hair dryer and straightener. Have peace of mind knowing your tools are stored safely.

**6. Waterproof and Rustproof:** Designed for bathroom environments, our holder is waterproof and rustproof. Enjoy a sleek and functional storage solution without worrying about moisture damage.

**7. Stylish Design:** Available in black, white, and gray, our holder features a lacquered surface finishing for a modern and stylish look. The single-tier design adds sophistication to your space.

**8. Size Options:** Choose the size that fits your needs. Available in two sizes—15*8*6cm and 14*13.5*9.6cm—our holder is versatile and suitable for various spaces.

**9. Wall Mounted and Corner Installation:** Save space by wall mounting our holder. It's designed for corner installation, making it an ideal storage solution for bathrooms and toilets.

**10. Multipurpose Functionality:** Use it as a storage holder, organizer shelf, or a Dyson dryer cradle. Versatile and practical, it enhances your daily routine.

**11. Safe Transportation:** We care about your satisfaction. Our holder comes with double-layer air bubble film for safe transportation, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition.

- Please allow 1-3mm differences due to manual measurement.
- Due to monitor differences, the actual color of the item may vary from the images.