Modern- Charging Desk Lamp

At Simple Charging Desk Lamp, you will find the perfect lighting solution for your home office, restaurant bar or any other workspace. Our lamp is designed with convenience in mind as it has a dimmable atmosphere and a USB rechargeable touch that make working from home easy and enjoyable. The clean and modern design makes it the perfect way to add some extra style to your space; its sleek lines, combined with the soft warm light, create an atmosphere that encourages productivity at any time of day or night. With its straightforward setup, Simple Charging Desk Lamp is one of the best lighting solutions available - versatile in size and function without compromising on quality.

Style: Aluminum
Style: Aluminum + Copper + Crystal
Three color dimming:warm light / white light / neutral light
Surface finish: Powder
Power supply: USB charging
Switch:Top Touch dimming
Charge time : 3-5h
Work time:8~12h
Lamp Size:

Package Includes:
2.USB Cable 
3. instructions