Modern Natural Crystal Money Tree -Lucky Tree Tabletop Office Decor

Immerse yourself in the tranquil essence of our Lullaby Geomantic Sapphire Tree, where the sea-blue-green leaves evoke a sense of calm, flow, and soothing serenity. Each leaf, measuring 8-10CM, is adorned with hand-wrapped copper wire, adding a touch of intricate craftsmanship to the natural beauty.

Resting on an Agate base, this tree symbolizes balance, grounding, harmony, and stability. As nature takes center stage, the uniqueness of each creation shines through—every tree possesses distinctive shapes, colors, and sizes, embracing the inherent individuality of natural materials.

Embrace the harmonious blend of artistry and nature with our Lullaby Geomantic Sapphire Tree, a testament to the beauty found in the interplay of handcrafted details and the inherent uniqueness of natural elements.