Leaf Shaped Pad Blanket

Elevate your dog's comfort and living space with our Leaf Shape Floor Kennel Pad Blanket. This 100% cotton blanket is lightweight and warm, ensuring your furry friend's coziness all year round. Its unique leaf shape design offers superior comfort for your pup as they relax in their kennel or any other chosen spot.

The soft and luxurious texture guarantees a pleasant and snug experience for your dog. Even better, our Leaf Shape Floor Kennel Pad Blanket is machine washable, ensuring that it maintains its quality for years to come. Beyond providing exceptional comfort, this blanket adds a touch of aesthetic charm with its assortment of colors and design, making it a versatile addition to any room in your home. It pairs perfectly with our Dog Bed - Donut and Cozy Dog Teepee, creating a cohesive and stylish living space for your furry companion. Get ready to enhance your pup's bedding area with the Leaf Shape Floor Kennel Pad Blanket – where comfort meets style!