Modern Ceiling lamps-olympic ring colors


Discover our Modern Pendant Lights with a range of features to suit your lighting needs.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Lighting Options: Choose from a variety of options, including single cold white, single warm white, three color light changeable, and dimmable options with remote control or an app.

  • Customizable: Adjust the lighting color temperature to suit your preferences.

  • Multiple Size Options: Available in two sizes - 4 head (Diameter 100cm) and 5 head (Diameter 120cm), suitable for spaces ranging from 10 to 30 square meters.

  • High Wattage: The 4-head option offers 75W, while the 5-head provides 100W, ensuring bright and efficient illumination.

  • Quality Materials: Constructed with durable ironware and acrylic materials for long-lasting performance.

  • Wide Voltage Compatibility: Suitable for use in all countries with voltage options of 110V, 220V, and AC90-265V.

Enhance your living space with these modern pendant lights, offering versatile lighting options and customization to create the perfect ambiance. Whether you prefer warm or cool lighting, these fixtures provide both style and function to your home.