Pipe Clothing Rack, Industrial Garment Rack, Wall Mounted Coat Rack


Upgrade your clothing organization with the Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack – a versatile and stylish solution for your storage needs. Here's why you'll love this rack:

Large Storage Space: This clothing rack offers ample storage space, making it perfect for hanging shirts, coats, and more. It even includes a convenient hook for your hats and bags, keeping everything organized.

Industrial Pipe Style: Crafted from heavy-duty iron with a classic black finish, this rack features an urban and industrial design. It provides a sturdy hanging rod for your clothes, jackets, long dresses, and pants.

Multifunctional Storage Rack: This rack is more than just a clothing organizer. It's a versatile solution that can create additional storage space in various rooms, including your living room, bedroom, cloakroom, office, and retail spaces.

Easy to Clean: When it needs a refresh, simply wipe down the industrial clothing rack with a soft, damp cloth. It's easy to maintain and keeps your space looking clean and organized.

Dimensions: The rack measures 62.5" in width, 14.4" in depth, and stands tall at 82". Please note that all dimensions are manually measured with a possible deviation of 1-3cm.

Enhance your interior decor with the practical and stylish Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack. It adds a touch of urban charm to your space while providing you with a versatile storage solution for all your clothing and accessories. Get organized and elevate your home with this eye-catching clothing rack today.