Fendi Peekaboo Tree Decor- Elf


  1. Elevate your garden's charm with a warm welcome! Let our enchanting garden elves extend their greetings to all your visitors, making your garden or courtyard feel even more inviting.
  2. Our delightful garden fairy sculpture is meticulously crafted from weather-resistant resin, ensuring its longevity. This set comprises a fairy head and two fairy hands, each designed to add a touch of whimsical magic to your outdoor space.
  3. These mischievous elves create a playful scene by peeking out from behind your trees, adding a delightful and amusing aspect to your garden. For anyone who adores their garden, these enchanting additions are an absolute must-have
  4. This novel garden peeper is a wonderful gift that will surprise your family and friends.

Material: plastic
Material: Synthetic Resin
Product size: 12.5cm x 17.5cm/5 inches x 7 inches
Weight: about 500g

Package Content:
1 * Elf Decoration