3D Lamp Illusion- Colorful

Illuminate your space with our Colorful 3D Table Lamp, a creative and distinctive lighting solution to enhance the ambiance and style of any room. This lamp showcases an intriguing 3D cube design that casts a captivating light display across surfaces, making it an ideal night light or decorative accent for various settings. Crafted from durable acrylic and equipped with a user-friendly on/off switch, this lamp effortlessly adds a touch of magic to your space.

 Product Parameters:
Plug:USB plug
Voltage: DC5V
7 styles:
Small Pyramid: Monochromatic Light (Button Switch), Size: 23cmx15cmx15cm.
Small pyramid: RGB remote control dimming, size: 22.5*22.5*30cm
Large Pyramid: Monochromatic Light (Button Switch), Size: 22.5*22.5*30cm
Large pyramid:RGB remote control dimming, size: 24cmx22cmx22cm.
Cuboid:Bluetooth smart APP dimming, size: 39cmx9cmx9cm.
Small cube:Monochromatic light (button switch), size: 27*27*29cm.
Large cube: Monochromatic light (button switch), size: 27*27*29cm.