3D Glass Gummy Bear Night Light- Fireworks

Introducing our enchanting 3D Glass Fireworks Little Bear Night Light, the perfect home decor accent! This unique net red night light features an adorable little bear encased in a glass dome, surrounded by mesmerizing 3D glass fireworks. Its soft, warm glow creates a soothing and magical atmosphere in any space, ideal for bedrooms and living rooms. Crafted with attention to detail, this decorative piece doubles as a functional table lamp or nightstand light, providing gentle evening illumination for both children and adults. Experience the charm of the 3D Glass Bear Night Light" today!

 Product Description:
Light shape: USB bear light
Shade material: Glass
Voltage: 5(V)
Lamp holder Material: PVC
Size: 10 * 23.5cm
Charging/endurance: USB plug-in
Switch type: Button type
Packing List:
1 * Glass fireworks bear
1 * Base
1 * Power cord